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My friend Lucio has an old, battered, traveling trunk that was once filled with his mother’s hand-embroidered sheets, pillowcases and tablecloths. Last month, Lucio put it out at the curb hoping someone might take it away. Within the hour, however, Lucio had run out and dragged the trunk back inside. The trunk had come with him, and his parents, when they first immigrated to the United States from Italy in the early 1960s. The trunk represents that arduous journey and the long years of assimilation that followed. Lucio was not ready to get rid of that part of his history last month, and he isn’t ready now. That trunk represents his heritage: his mother’s love of fine needlework, the hours his father spent working overtime to save money so his family could have a better life, and the small, mountain village that was once home.

Do you have a treasured object that speaks to your heritage? On Saturday Mar. 11th, (snow date Mar. 18th) you are invited to share your story with the larger community. In conjunction with the second annual Canton Heritage Day Festival on May 20th, sponsored by the Paul Revere and Son Trust, a special exhibit entitled “Our Many Heritages,” will be featured from 11:30am to 2:30pm in Copper Mill Hall, 4 Rolling Mill Way (the second floor of the Site’s brick building, above the Northern Spy Restaurant).

Regional artist, Dr. Adriana Katzew will lead the workshop and anyone with an object or artifact that has special meaning to them may bring it and share their story with the artist and her team of volunteers.

Dr. Katzew has created many works of art in which she examines the immigrant experience through an artist’s lens. Her background makes her uniquely qualified to create this body of work as well as to have created the exhibit that will be on display this spring. Her Polish grandparents immigrated to Mexico in the late 1920s due to antisemitism. Katzew identifies as Jewish and Mexican American/Latina. Adriana Katzew, Ed.D., J.D., is a professor of art education at Mass College of Art and Design.

At the workshop, participants can expect to spend 20-30 minutes. The artist and the volunteers will help to photograph the object as well as uploading the image for printing. The participants will be asked to share a brief remembrance or description of the artifact. The photo and the description will be framed by the artist, and with permission, the work will be exhibited along with Adriana’s from May thru August.  This is a unique—and free—opportunity to share your heritage as well as creating art that will be seen by many.

The Simoni foundation of Canton has provided the generous grant that makes this exhibit possible.

For more information please contact:
Pam D’Agostino:
Joyce Stenmon:
co-chairs of the Committee on Education, Exhibits and Collections (CEE) of the Paul Revere and Son Heritage Trust

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