Future Museum

Preliminary Designs of the Future Paul Revere Museum of Discovery and Innovation

The future Paul Revere Museum of Discovery and Innovation is slated to open its doors in 2025. Housed in the Historic Barn, the museum will celebrate innovation and new ways of envisioning our world.

The Welcoming Area

The park and campus will welcome visitors with a heritage gateway made up of a circular granite pad partially surrounded by a curving bronze wall, featuring a Paul Revere quote, and cutout tool and machinery shapes.

A historic bell will sit at the center of the granite circle. A series of exterior exhibits and interpretive signage will be scattered across the larger site to help visitors and park-goers picture the people and activities that took place at the site.

Floor 1

The first floor will establish the story of Paul Revere and the history of the town and region as a jumping off point to explore innovation and entrepreneurship and raise questions about the effects of innovation.

The floor will feature a half-ton Revere Bell cast at the site by Joseph Warren Revere in 1832, and a dynamic theater presentation that will connect Paul Revere’s story to the longer history innovation in the Boston area and to the visitors’ own lives, “challenging” visitors to envision how to bring more creativity, innovation and ambition into their own world.

Two artifact and image walls will show objects and images that introduce Paul Revere as an artisan, innovator, and business person. A timeline will illustrate Canton’s long history, the variety of its firsts and innovations, and the diversity of people who have contributed to the town’s development.

Floor 2

Second-floor visitors will learn about the process of entrepreneurship by engaging with a multi-station digital activity and by learning about a diverse set of contemporary entrepreneurs.

The centerpiece for this floor will be a multi-station Concept-to-Market activity that will walk visitors through the process of developing an idea, testing it, describing it, and taking it to market. At each step visitors will make choices and get feedback about their evolving innovation journey.

An entrepreneurial wall will display images, stories, and quotes from a variety of contemporary Boston-area entrepreneurs. These demographically-diverse examples will show innovators working in a variety of fields.

Augmented reality stations near windows will allow visitors to see how the site and town would have looked at various periods in history.

Floor 3

Third-floor visitors of all ages will engage their creativity through open-ended STEAM-related activities.

This floor will center on a series of discovery stations that will explore problem-solving and creativity around the theme of creating a healthy and thriving city. Visitors will engage in open-ended activities such as designing transportation, creating concepts for public art, creating energy-efficient communities, and constructing buildings.

The stations will include interactives that combine physical and digital elements, LEGO-like building and problem-solving kits, and open-ended art-based activities. A large, moving kinematic sculpture will extend from the exhibit floor into and across the vaulted rafter ceiling.

Copper Mill Hall in the Rolling Mill

Copper Mill Hall will be a flexible space that will allow the museum to highlight new stories and views.

Moveable interactive tables and exhibit modules will enable the museum to quickly create special exhibits.

Your generous donation will help to build this regional cultural and STEAM center for visitors of all ages.