What to See

The Paul Revere Heritage Site is a nine-acre area in the heart of Canton Center. The site is home to the Paul Revere Common, the Copper Rolling Mill, the Historic Barn, and the Northern Spy Restaurant.

The Paul Revere Common

The Paul Revere Common is seven acres of manicured parkland that includes waterways and flat walking trails. Seventeen interpretive signs are scattered through the site. Many copses of trees include arboretum signs whose QR codes lead to an online Tree Quest Game. The Revere Common is open every day from a half hour before sunrise to a half hour after sunset. Free parking is available in the site and along the streets that border the site. There is no charge to visit the park. Set your GPS to the “Northern Spy Restaurant” in Canton, MA.

Events are often held on the Revere Common.

The Copper Rolling Mill

The Copper Rolling Mill was built in 1850 by Joseph Warren Revere, Paul Revere’s son and business partner. Copper sheets were rolled in the mill through the 1880s. The mill was recently rehabilitated and re-purposed. The ground floor is home to the award-winning Northern Spy Restaurant. The second floor is a mixed-use area that houses free exhibits about the site’s history. The Copper Rolling Mill is open whenever the Northern Spy Restaurant is open. Exhibits are free.

The Historic Barn

The Historic Barn was built by Joseph Warren Revere in 1845 to house the many draft horses that moved goods and materials to and from the many buildings (nearly all of which are long gone). The building was recently rehabilitated and re-purposed. Its first floor is home to selections of prior museum exhibits. Its second floor houses a full exhibit that changes two-to-four times annually. The Historic Barn is usually open on Saturdays from 11:30AM to 2:30PM, and during major events. Docents will answer your questions. Exhibits are free. Upper floors can be reached by stairs or elevator. A patio off the second floor overlooks the entire Paul Revere Heritage Site.

On the rare Saturday when the Historic Barn will not be open, the information is posted to facebook.com/reveremill. A Facebook account is not needed.

The Historic Barn is slated to become the future Paul Revere Museum of Discovery and Innovation.

The Northern Spy Restaurant

Northern Spy is a New England family restaurant centered around a wood-fired hearth in Canton, Massachusetts.

Northern Spy, in operation since December 2020, “serves exceptional New England food with soul” according to the Boston Globe. The menu features grass-fed Massachusetts beef, local fresh seafood, and classic dishes like brown bread and sticky toffee pudding. The bar at Northern Spy is known for its craft cocktails, especially the Northfashioned – the restaurant’s version of a Old Fashioned, made with rye, bourbon, apple brandy, and spice.

In 2021, Boston Magazine named it one of the top 50 restaurants in and around Boston and the 2021, 2022 Best Brunch South of Boston.

Northern Spy is located on the ground floor of the Copper Rolling Mill.